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Bruce Maxwell

Montana State University
Co-Director Montana Institute on Ecosystems
Bozeman, MT
Ph.D. Forest Ecology and Crop Science.1990, Oregon State University; M.S. Agronomy/Weed Science,1984, Montana State University, 1978-79 Peace Corps Micronesia, B.S. Botany, 1977, Montana State University. Research and teaching specialization in applied plant ecology including agroecology, invasive plant ecology and weed biology. Research on the design and development of sustainable production systems and adaptive management strategies for annual and perennial weeds in crop and natural ecosystems. I am a lead author for the Agricultural Sector of the Montana Climate Assessment. My current research interests are focused on creating an on-farm experimentation framework utilizing precision agriculture technologies to improve profitability and sustainability of small grain production in the Northern Great Plains. My expertise includes plant population and community modeling to understand weed and invasive plant population temporal and spatial dynamics and their impacts on the ecosystems they occupy. Historically I have conducted research on crop-weed competition, herbicide resistance evolution, and economic thresholds of weeds and invasive species. I have also conducted research on land use change and the consequences of fire as a disturbance in plant communities.