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Emily Stifler Wolfe

Journalist & Consultant
Bozeman, Montana
I'm an independent journalist reporting a three-part series for Montana Free Press about how organic and regenerative agriculture are revitalizing rural Montana economies. These stories are solutions journalism, which means I'm reporting on how people are responding to the problem (industrial agriculture's damaging effects on both soil health and rural communities), and not just the problem itself.

In 2021, photographer Jason Thompson and I have driven more than 2,000 miles for the project, visiting Ledger, Chester, Sunburst, Big Sandy, Havre, Chinook, and other places around the Golden Triangle. Part 1 was published in June, part 2 in September, and I'm now reporting part 3. I've interviewed more than 100 people and spent upwards of 600 hours on research, reporting, writing and editing.

Like all Montana Free Press stories, these are free to reprint. Both parts 1 and 2 made the front page of Hacker News, the top-read news aggregator and discussion forum in Silicon Valley. In November, part 2 appeared on the front of the monthly special Farm and Ranch section of the Havre Daily News, a widely read paper on the Hi-Line.

I also run a consulting business separate from my journalism. I live in Bozeman with my husband, two children, and two large donkeys.