Jess Alger

Alger Ranch
Standford, MT
MOA Board Member
Jess Alger graduated from MSU in 1971 with a B.S. degree in Animal Science. He returned to the Alger family ranch near Stanford where he worked for his Dad until 1981, after which he bought the place. He first certified his cropland in 2000 and his cattle were certified organic in 2007. The entire operation is 100% certified organic. He raised purple barley, lentils, KAMUT® wheat, millet, and cover crop. Next year he will calve 50 Red Angus cross cows and have 30 yearlings to fatten up. Jess has 260 acres of sainfoin and over 600 acres of pasture. He grazes smaller pastures and moves the cattle every few days except at summer pasture for the pairs. He sells his crops to Timeless Seed, Montana Milling, Montana Flour and Grain, and the National Farmers Organization. Jess is a long-time MOA board member, a member of Montana Organic Production CO-OP, selling organic grass-fed yearlings and the National Farmers Organization, a collective bargaining organization for producers.
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