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Our Core purpose is to provide food ingredients to promote the growth of healthful and affordable food choices for the consumer.
Bay State Milling is a family-owned company with a strategic intent to support the growth of the next generation of grain-based foods in North America by providing the leading array of plant-based ingredients. Since 1899, we have proudly provided exceptional quality flour and grain products, and we continue to build on our legacy as we bring new supply chains and technologies into our realm of capabilities.
We recognize that the universe of grain-based foods is constantly changing and responding to consumers’ desire for variety, healthfulness, great taste and affordability in their food choices. We are not afraid of change; in fact, we believe that change cultivates opportunity. Our goal is to stay a step ahead of our customer’s needs, while always maintaining the trust they have placed in us for generations. We are committed to maintaining our Core Values of INTEGRITY, RESPECT, QUALITY, SERVICE, CREATIVITY and TEAMWORK in pursuit of achieving this goal.
As Bay State Milling pursues our Core Purpose and follows our Core Values, we will:
  • Build trust-based relationships with our customers by delivering on our promises, collaborating with them to anticipate and fulfill their needs, and improving the nutritional profile, taste and performance of grain-based foods.
  • Develop strategic and sustainable relationships that support mutual growth and success in the value-chain with like-minded scientists, seed developers, farms and other suppliers.
  • Attract and retain employees who are committed to our long-term success and values and who are both fulfilled and energized by their work.
  • Protect, support and invest in the communities and environments in which we operate.
  • Generate returns that satisfy our shareholders and allow for continued company growth.
Although the food system has evolved considerably since Bay State Milling was established in 1899, the words of our founder, Bernard J. Rothwell, still ring true across all of the products we produce:
“As for our general policy, we are firm believers that there is always room at the top, that there is always room for a gilt-edged article. Our chances of success are vastly increased if we produce a grade of flour that few, if any, competitors can match. It is usually slow work to introduce a fine article of this character for the reason that it costs more to produce it than to produce an inferior or commonplace article. But once secure an opening and its merit is recognized, you hold your trade very much closer than your competitors do.”