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For more than three decades, Certis USA has been a pioneer in the field of biological pesticides for commercial agricultural use. We are a leading manufacturer of bio-based products, with innovative technologies and production expertise spanning from fermentation to formulation. We currently own and operate two US-based manufacturing facilities and one international manufacturing facility through a joint venture.We have the largest number of global registrations of biological products and the relationships needed to deliver those products across a multitude of market segments and geographies. Currently, our products are sold in the US and exported to more than 50 countries around the world.

Our industry-leading portfolio of biopesticide solutions includes more than 30 OMRI Listed® and/or NOP Compliant products, offering growers the most comprehensive set of solutions to solve the varying challenges that may arise on your organic farm. Our products have proven to be reliable in controlling some of the toughest pests, diseases, and weeds that threaten your crop yields but are sustainable enough to not be harmful to beneficial species, water, soil, and air.

Jason Downs - jdowns@certisbio.com